FORTUNE DELIGHT<sup>®</sup> LEMON (10/3g packs)


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Find your beverage bliss

Your body will love the healthy hydration as much as your taste buds do. With zero sugar and just 10 calories per serving, our antioxidant-rich infusion of aromatic herbal extracts like camellia sinensis, chrysanthemum, and jasmine is a smart, tasty way to cleanse, refresh and nourish every day.

Benefits :

  • Cleanses the body with naturally derived antioxidants
  • Provides healthy hydration
  • Balances the body to support energy without a sugar or caffeine “crash”
  • Zero fat, sugar, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners

Ingredient Highlights :

  • Camellia extract
  • Chrysanthemum flower extract
  • Jasmine extract

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