Sunrider Halloween Party (October 2021)

Date: October 30, 2021
Event Platform: Zoom Cloud Meeting 

Sunrider Malaysia documented many firsts with our first Let’s Get Spooktacular with Sunrider! Halloween Party held on 30 October 2021!

It was the first time that we had 92 attendees and the highest kids and family turnout in our history for a virtual party. Befitting the Covid-19 pandemic period whereby Malaysian parents were looking for safe activities for their children, many attendees leveraged the event to bond with their families.

The Face Makeup Workshop was conducted by Advanced Professional Makeup Artist, Jeff Lim, who has 11 years’ experience in bridal makeup and who won many Halloween makeup contests. Many of the attendees, especially children, were taught the makeup for beginners class, including how to put on foundation and draw their eyebrows. He ended by teaching some easy techniques to draw our own Halloween makeup using just eyeshadow and eyeliner with some stencil art!

We had two children sharing animatedly their daily intake of Citric C™ Tab. They were 11-year-old Lim Jyayi and also 6-year-old Mikael.

The children became very interactive during the Brew Your Magic Potion in the Witch’s Den as they were immersed in the storytelling by our Sunrider Staff who played games with the children that incorporated Sunrider SunSport® Vanilla Protein Plus with VitaShake® Cocoa, VitaFruit®, Evergreen®, Sunny Days®, Smart Gummy™ Mango, and Strawberry. We imparted education about the product benefits in a fun way.

We had a Halloween Costume Contest whereby the Top 4 Best Costume Awardees walked away with RM220 worth of Sunrider Hamper of Kandesn® Kids Gentle Hair & Body Shampoo, Smart Gummy™ Mango, Kandesn® Hand Gel, and Sunrider Backpack. The prizes went to Debbie’s Family, Ariel’s Family, Mikael, and Jenny Leong.

Many new faces joined the party due to the unique program highlights and agenda. It was also interesting to see many of the attendees donning their Halloween costumes from Chinese Vampire to Skeleton, Witch, Alice in Wonderland, Devil, Squid Game, Snow White, etc.