The 2021 Sunrider Virtual Convention (August 2021)

Date: August 2-7, 2021
Event Platform:

Convention isn’t just about meeting. It’s about exceeding.

We hope your experience amplifies your dreams and moves you quickly towards them. The convention was a week full of workshops and keynote speeches by experts from Sunrider®’s top management and also invited speakers – Darleen Santore (Coach Dar), Laura Stack, and Lindsay Tompkins.

The 2021 Sunrider Virtual Convention started with a Virtual Live Opening Ceremony and Opening Remarks by the Chen Family.
Key message from the Chen Family: “2020 is a time of reflection and growth, we have been quite busy at Sunrider® doing just that, reflecting, changing, growing. We are developing new products, improving marketing strategy and training, and planning our big manufacturing move to Texas. Our goal is to help you with your best life. You are the foundation of our company. You are the reason we continue to move forward. With that goal in mind, we put together an amazing line up of speakers, recognition and training sessions in the Global Convention.” 

Board of Directors, Wendy Teng, mentioned that the Connection has been at the forefront of Sunrider® the past year. She said, “As we emerge and find the new normal, it is more important than ever to unite and connect. We at Sunrider® want you to know that we stand with you, united and connected today, tomorrow, and always.”

During the Opening Remarks by Group CEO, Sunny Beutler said, “At the core of Sunrider® is a vision of financial independence and building connections. We live to give others the opportunity of true regeneration, which empowers us to transform our lives and fulfill our dreams. We are passionate about sharing our stories and success in order to regenerate our communities and our health.”

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen told the story about how he founded Sunrider®. This was followed by Dr. Reuben interviewing Dr. Tei-Fu Chen on the Sunrider® story and his favorite products.

We had many interesting topics and speakers:

  • “Time Management & Productivity” by Guest Speaker, Laura Stack.
  • “Level Up Your Mindset to Level Up Your Impact” by Guest Speaker, Coach Dar.
  • “Using Facebook to Grow Your Sunrider® Business” by Guest Speaker, Lindsay Tompkins.
  • “Your Social Media Roadmap” (Korea: Isabelle Song).
  • “Selling System & Meetup Success” (North America: Ryan Qiu).
  • “Follow Up/Action Planning” (Malaysia: Zoe Badariah).
  • “Building Your Network & Sharing Sunrider” (Hong Kong & Taiwan: Angela Lau).
  • “The Power of Live Streaming to Connect to Others and Build Your Business” (Australia & New Zealand: Raman Chen).
  • “How to Book & Motivate Hosts” (North America: Dodie Deets).
  • “Zoom & Facebook Meetups” (North America: Laura Widders).
  • “Activity, Recognizing Milestones, and Leading by Example” (Southeast Asia: Karen Cornejo & Cierra Yet).
  • “Coaching to Grow” (North America: Michele Hojsack).
  • “The Power of Recognition” (Korea: Saeheon Kim).

Recognition for Achievers

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen expressed his honor to recognize the achievers, “Thank you for being a role model to others. You are a testament to what someone can achieve when you aim high and go after your goal with dedication. Your exceptional performance has been instrumental to the success of many and an inspiration to all. We wish you continued success and fulfillment in the years to come.”

Giving Wednesday

In harmony with the Sunrider spirit of Love, Share, Give, the third day of the Convention was devoted to activities that support charitable causes. IBOs around the world participated by lifting other people. Sunrider Malaysia IBOs devoted their love by donating money and delivering food to the needy who are deprived of food and basic necessities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fitness Friday

On the final day of convention week, participants got the chance to choose which country’s virtual workout to attend.
The sessions were organized by every Sunrider® market in the world.

Sunrider® Malaysia organized a fun Piloxing class with Master Trainer, Adi Raffi. It was also the first time for many participants to join a piloxing class as it is a new fitness trend in Malaysia.

During the Closing Ceremony Live Session, Eric Chen, Chief of Global Manufacturing, announced that the new manufacturing plant is being built in Texas, and will be equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture products more efficiently and with increased production capacity.

The Chen Family shared their family activities and lifestyle during the pandemic to motivate everyone during the pandemic. CEO, Sunny Beutler, ended the convention with a powerful message for the participants to list down the action plans for their Sunrider® business. She said, “Not every meeting or live-streaming will turn out as we plan. Not everyone we meet will sign up as a customer. You have the ability
to move forward and find new opportunities and move people. You can be that positive and energized person that attracts more people to your team.”

You surely don’t want to miss any of Sunrider® events, especially the convention!
See all of you next year in Dallas, Texas!