Sunrider Malaysia 32nd Anniversary Love Share Grow Rally (Sept 2021)

Date: September 25, 2021
Event Platform: Zoom Cloud Meeting

The Sunrider Malaysia 32nd Anniversary celebration month of September culminated with a full blast celebration during the Love Share Grow Rally on 25th September.

We saved the best celebration for last! We had a fantastic celebration virtually with exclusive Live Birthday Wishes from the Founding Family of Sunrider International, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Group CEO, Sunny Beutler; Chief of Global Manufacturing, Eric Chen; and also Executive Regional Director SEA / SA / ANZ / HK-TW, Karen Cornejo.

The Country Manager of Sunrider Malaysia, James Yeoh, gave his opening address to all the participants and welcomed our guests from Sunrider International.

We celebrated the birth date of Sunrider Malaysia along with all September babies by singing a birthday song with a specially made virtual birthday cake.

This was followed by the Keynote Speaker, Dr. Reuben Chen, Medical Doctor and Board of Directors of Sunrider International, sharing about “Nutrients for Growing Children” and a live Question & Answer Session for the participants.

Hero Chai Lee Yoong gave her debut Virtual Sharing with many impactful and informational testimonial stories from her long years of experience as a business builder serving her consumers in “How to Raise Kids Who Achieve Amazing Results”.

The Rally continued in the afternoon for IBO learning whereby the focus was on Becoming a Magnet During the Pandemic. National Business Development Manager, Zoe Badariah shared essential business success tips such as walking out of the comfort zone and practising key principles like Resilience, Attitude, and Belief.

We also had invited IBO Speakers, Hero Liew Ooi Khuan and rising business builder, Sally Lam Soo Kiat, both of whom shared how they went out of their comfort zone, such as learning how to conduct Zoom meetings and Facebook Live though they were not technologically savvy. All they did, was to have the courage to say “Yes” to technology and then be willing to try new things. As Hero Liew Ooi Khuan said, “As an Upline, when my downline, Sally Lam requested to do the 1 Home 1 Fortune Delight Zoom Meetings, even though I have never tried this app by myself, I should not disappoint my downline. So I said, Why not? After trying a few times, social media has becomes a normal part of life. And now, I am not as scared as previously anymore!”

In Sunrider, achievements must be celebrated! All of us cheered for the achievers during the recognition session for our August 2021 Top 20 Performance Board Achievers for Top Personal Sales, Top 20 IBO Sponsor, Top 20 Preferred Customer Sponsors, and also Top 20 Most Improved Downline Volume. This was followed by a Recognition Session for the August 2021 New Ranked Up Achievers, as well as the recognition for the Preferred Customer Loyalty Program Achievers in August.