Sunrider Dapur Showdown Finale Live Show (September 2021)

Date: September 4, 2021
Event Platform: virtual event

We started the first week of the Sunrider 32nd Anniversary Expo with an incredible Dapur Showdown Finale Show on 4 September 2021 from 10.30am till 5.00pm.

The Dapur Showdown Healthy Main Dish Competition was launched in July with the preliminary round being participants submitting 3-minute videos of their cooking, which were then put up for online voting on Sunrider Malaysia Facebook Page. Then the heats went up for the finalists who had the Sunrider® Mystery Box filled with their key ingredients delivered to their home few days before the Finale Show.

With all the exhilaration, we had about 3,000 pax who watched the Dapur Showdown Finale in the Virtual Expo, on Sunrider Malaysia Facebook page, and also on YouTube channel. The Top Finalists and Dapur Showdown participants have gotten a lot of their supporters
and fans to watch them cooking live! The contest finalists also demonstrated that Dapur Showdown has succeeded in unleashing the hidden talents and potential of many home cooks in Malaysia during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

The awards went to…

  1. CHAMPION – Budiman Bistari
  2. SECOND RUNNER UP – Sathiyapria
  3. THIRD RUNNER UP – Bob Azhar
  4. FIRST RUNNER UP – Lim Chang Wei

The finalists blew us away with their showmanship and creativity by in cooking healthy fine dining cuisine that was crafted artistically and looked absolutely delectable!  

Bob Azhar from Kajang, kick-started the finale show with his exquisite Poached Prawn Dumpling in Sunrider Calli® Tea Broth served with braisedred cabbage with VitaDophilus®, quenelle of Chinese yam, lotus root crisps and prawn bisque, accompanied by Chinese
herb broth garnished with micro-salad and herb oil.

Sathiyapriya from Penang won 2nd Runner up with her Pan-Seared Calli® Cinnamon chicken with green salad, dressed with apple citrus
vinaigrette and sauteed red skin potatoes. Sathiyapriya shared Sunrider® knowledge as she spoke about the Calli® Cinnamon, NuPlus® Simply Herbs, and VitaDophilus® product benefits.

Jeff Lim Chang Wei from Penang won 1st Runner Up with his spectacular Duck Garden made from Roasted duck breast with orange and
Calli® Cinnamon Tea infused duck juice accompanied with sweet potato purée, sauté brussel sprout, baked baby potatoes, and cinnamon turmeric coral tuile. 

Finally, Budiman Bistari made an entrance with his entertaining antics and of course, he won hands down with fabulous cooking skills and delectable cooking featuring Pan Fried Smoky Red Tilapia infused cinnamon spice/pandan coconut, NuPlus® mash, warm heirloom
tomato salad, green pea’s aioli, and VitaDophilus® emulsion.

Congratulations to all of the winners and participants for taking part in the contest!

See you in Dapur Showdown Season 2!