2021 Virtual Homecoming Bootcamp (July 2021)

Date: July 27, 2021
Event Platform: Zoom Cloud Meeting

The 2021 Virtual Homecoming Bootcamp was held for the newly qualified Ace Elite and above from all over the world who achieved the qualification on June 2020 – May 2021. Sunrider® Malaysia achievers are Hero Liew Ooi Khuan, Hero Lim Jing Hui, Ace Royal Chiew Sooi Leang, and Ace Royal Tay Beng Ha. The achievers will receive a Sunrider gift basket, product vouchers, and a Fossil watch, with a grand total amounting to RM3,000.

Sunrider® International Group CEO, Sunny Beutler gave her opening address and welcomed the qualifiers to the first 80s Virtual
Homecoming Bootcamp. This was followed by recognizing of the Top Performers in terms of :

  • Top Sponsor – IBOs who sponsored 13 or more people during the qualification period.
  • Top Performers – IBOs who met all qualification criteria and developed at least 1 additional Star Elite.
  • New Ace Royal and above.

The Top Sponsor award was won by Ace Royal Tay Beng Ha, Ace Royal Chiew Sooi Leang, Hero Lim Jing Hui, and Hero Liew Ooi Khuan.
Hero Liew Ooi Khuan was recognized for achieving new Hero rank and Top Performer.

80’s Dance Party was led by Executive Regional Director SEA / SA / ANZ /HK-TW, Karen Cornejo. We had fun watching our bootcamp
achievers dressed in their 80s attire and performing the 80’s dance. The Dance Contest was won by Sunrider® Indonesia achievers while the Best-dressed Costume Contest was won by a Sunrider® Singapore achiever.

Next, we had a Stretch Break with Katie Chen and Brandon dressed in their 80’s attire, on quick stretches that were effective for anyone who sits through a conference.

Regional Field Training Manager / Business Development Manager Australia & New Zealand, Raman Chen, had an attention-grabbing and highly interactive workshop on “Sponsoring in a Virtual World.” He shared the 8Ps of online sponsoring, which are platform, profile, plan, providing value, progress, personal touch, process, and persistence. He advises IBOs who are confused on whether to post on something, to consider whether their Facebook content fits the T.H.I.N.K. acronym.

True • Helpful • Interesting • Necessary • Kind

Isabelle Song from Sunrider® Korea shared on “Building Your Personal Brand.”

Invited guest speaker, Lindsay Tompkins shared on “Using Facebook to Grow Your Sunrider® Business.” She shared on the “Top Mistakes You Might Make on Social Media.” She also spoke about the importance of Traffic, Leads, Conversion for all our social media postings which can be done through a Facebook Funnel.

The global bootcamp achievers gained a lot of knowledge from the half-day bootcamp to help them boost their social selling skills in the virtual post-pandemic era.