Sunrider Malaysia 32nd Anniversary Bash Virtual Expo (Sept 2021)

Date: August 31 – September 12, 2021
Event Platform:

Our Founders, Dr. Tei-fu Chen and Dr. Oi-lin Chen started Sunrider International in 1982 in Utah. The couple paired their natural curiosity, scientific expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit to start a business that would change lives through natural products like those
that changed Dr. Chen’s life all those years ago.

The meeting of the East which encompasses herbalism, ancient recipes, and formulas, more than 5000 years of Chinese herbalism, with the West which encompasses pharmacology, state-of-the-art manufacturing, medical science; this union created truly unique Sunrider® products.

To bring Eastern philosophy into the 21st Century, Dr. Chen developed what he called The Philosophy of Regeneration. Their five children help guide our global enterprise across nearly 50 countries and territories, in partnership with thousands of inspiring Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and franchise store owners. In 2021, Sunrider International has marked its 39 years’ anniversary, whereas Sunrider Malaysia has officially been established in Malaysia for 32 years! We are a stable, huge family that inspires people to live healthier, happier lives.

All the Sunrider IBOs and customers have a strong bond with the founder, Dr. Tei-fu Chen. We live and breathe Sunrider®. We believe that Sunrider® is simply the best in providing the best products for our health and for helping millions achieve financial independence and transform many lives.

Happy 32nd Birthday Sunrider® Malaysia!

Guess what? We are celebrating our 32nd Birthday Bash in September 2021!

Sunrider® Malaysia has always been the Top Market in Southeast Asia and a leader when it comes to pioneering trends! We have done the first Preferred Customer Party, Radio Party, Virtual 3D-type of Country Summit, and marked many more “Firsts” in the Sunrider World.

Undeniably, during these unprecedented times, many events are going digital! In fact, the catchphrase word of the Year 2020 is, “Let’s zoom over dinner!” or “Meet you on Google Meet up tomorrow!”

Since it is the Year 2021, we would like to move past the Zoom Phase, say “Go” with Virtual Reality momentum for our 32nd Birthday Bash! We are raising our bar 10 times higher with an astounding cutting-edge Virtual Experience through our first ever Sunrider® Virtual Expo with an Immersive platform! With all the talk going on doing Virtual Expo, Sunrider Malaysia is also moving forward and moving together with this current trend.

Let’s all GO VIRTUAL TOGETHER and Connect in the borderless world! This September, let’s show our friends a Different Face of Sunrider® whereby we show the world, “We are the Future! The Future is Now!” through our immersive Virtual Expo! Visit Virtual Product Booths, play games, and simply enjoy having fun exploring the wonders of Sunrider®.


Sunrider Malaysia celebrated our 32nd Anniversary Birthday Bash with a virtual expo with much pomp and splendour in the virtual
trend kinda way! What better way to celebrate than having a super happening 13 days, 24/7 celebration through a Virtual Expo, Love Share Grow Rally, and also Dapur Showdown Finale Show?

Oh, and did we mention… it is the first-ever 360° immersive virtual expo held by Sunrider Malaysia at on 31st August to 12th September? 

Our participants explored their wellbeing in the most creative, spectacular, trendy, and up-with-the-times way forward! We went VIRTUAL TOGETHER and connected in the borderless world!

We showed the world, “We are the future! The future is now!” through our immersive virtual expo!
As the participants entered the expo, they got to learn more about Sunrider® at Sunrider® Club and also saw the recognition of Top Ace
Royal and above at the Hall of Fame booth.

The participants enjoyed the Game Arcade the most, where they played Sunrider® Treasure Rush. They also went on a virtual treasure
hunt with the aim of winning prizes such as Sunrider Calli® Mint sachet, Bamboo Toothbrush, and also qualified for the grand draw consisting of prizes worth a combined worth RM3,200.

The Photo Booth was another hit with many participants who had fun taking photos, boomerangs and GIFs to be posted on their Facebook!

The participants also discovered the wonders of Sunrider® at the interactive Product Gallery with different themes such as Relax &
Delight, First Health Step, Energy & Vigor, Beauty & Personal Care, Weight Management, Home & Kids, Business & Income, New
Launches, Book A Party, and Kechara Soup Kitchen. The Product Gallery was very interactive, where participants could view product information, videos, cooking demos, as well as enjoy the booth redemptions, which entailed “Cooking Class” by celebrity chefs like Chef Bob Adnin and also Chef Arthur Lim, “Strong Nation HITT Class” by celebrity coach, Sync Elvis Chong, “Zumba Class” by Zin May; “Yoga Class” and “Eye Massage Therapy Class” by Instructor, Grace Kiong.

The participants could interact live with Sunrider Staff Advisors via live chat at every booth and Information Counter. They also enriched their knowledge at the three sessions every day at the Wellness Lounge with the themes of “Aging Gracefully,” “Amaze Your Wellbeing:
Take A Leap” and also “Boost Your Immune System.”