Sunrider Dapur Showdown 2021 (July-Sept 2021)

Date: July 15 – Sept 4, 2021
Event Platform: Virtual Event

Our first Sunrider Malaysia Virtual Cooking Contest titled Sunrider® Dapur Showdown was organized from July 15 onwards. It was organized with the sole purpose of gathering all Malaysians who love to cook, to showcase their cooking prowess to the world. After all, during the Malaysian Lockdown period, whether you can cook or not, a lot of us turn into YouTube Chefs or just learn to cook by calling our parents or grandmothers! Then, after cooking so much at home, you probably got bored with your normal cooking style and start to innovate. In no time, voilà, you can cook really well!

So, let’s not waste your creative talents harnessed during the lockdown! Here is an incredible avenue for you to join our Dapur Showdown Cooking Contest! Kudos to those who have registered for the contest and are in the running to win! We encourage the rest of you out there to support the Cooks by voting for your favorite cooking video on Sunrider Malaysia Facebook Page. Your vote will contribute scores for their performance! You can also learn some creative recipes and tips to stay healthy because as they say, what you feed your stomach determines your health check!

Let’s all join in the fun, watching your first ever Virtual Cooking Contest Dapur Showdown Finale on September 4, Saturday! Cheer to the participants! Of course, your votes help to also determine the Champion of Dapur Showdown!

So everyone, IBOs, Customers, do reach out to all your friends and family members to join our Dapur Showdown be it as a Cook or to learn in an entertaining way! Learn from our two master judges, Chef Bob Adnin and Chef Arthur, on how to enhance your cooking skills along the way!

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