Healthy Living Festival (July 2021)

Date: July 12 – 16, 2021
Event Platform: Facebook

On July, 12-16, IBOs, customers, and friends all over Asia embarked on a journey to discover the healthier, fitter, and happier version of themselves by joining us for a week of educational workshops, live workout sessions; and attractive giveaways, all in the comfort of their own home! The festival timing was suitably organized during the Malaysian lockdown hence it helps a lot of Malaysians go through the pandemic productively with all their health and wellness takeaways.

The participants gained valuable knowledge from industry experts, doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists etc from 11 countries–Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. Namely, the experts like Hypnotherapy Therapist Anders Wong, Functional and Integrative Medicine Physician Dr. Candy Dalman, Lecturer Fini Nurfini, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, Nattaya Heng, Dr. Dang Ngoc Hung, Nutritionist & Dietician Jolene Choo; R. Lalrinkimi and so
many more, imparted a fountain of knowledge. 

Every morning of the week, we had Fitness Sessions, from the Morning Yoga Stretch and Mindful Breathing by Yoga Therapist, Grace Kiong to Pumping Up the Jam with 90’s Dance Cardio by Professional Dance and Fitness Instructor from the Philippines, Lala llao-Dinglasan. We upped the level with Cardio Fat Burn Workout by Personal Fitness Trainer from Vietnam, Tran Hoe Thanh, Nakasimo Exercise by Founder of Hollistic Nakasimo Exercise, Moch, Lutvi Bajiri, and ended the week with ultimate heart-pumping Thai Dance
Workout by Thai Fitness Instructor, Bombae.

One of the top highlights that were refreshing was the Mental Recovery After the Pandemic by Hypnotherapy Therapist from Hong Kong, Anders Wong, who spoke on how to face reality with a regular mindset, tips to let go of negativities; and also on using Mirror Therapy. Raman Chen, Business Development Manager of Sunrider® Australia & New Zealand, then brings you through a National Geography type of journey of the East Meets West:

Philosophy Behind Sunrider® where he told the story of Dr. Tei-fu Chen, the Philosophy of Regeneration, and some principles and ideals if you are looking for strategies for a holistic life. 

Meanwhile, in Socialpreneurship–Get What You Want by Helping Others Achieve, Raman shared the 4Ps (Passion, Purpose, Plan, Pay it Forward) of a Socialpreneur business and the 4Fs (Family, Fitness, Friendship, Finances) of a Socialpreneur’s life. He ends his presentation, inviting us to join him in a global movement that prioritizes good health in a community of people.

Other top picks were with high views were:

• Enhance the Body’s Natural Defense s through Self-Healing by Pharmacist, Kay Low.
• TCM Talks: Application of the Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 21st Century by Dr Candy Dalman.
• Morning Yoga Stretch & Mindful Breathing by Yoga Therapist, Grace Kiong.

With all the incredible and impactful content and interactions in the Healthy Living Festival, Sunrider® Malaysia has successfully garnered fantastic results in terms of Facebook Statistics: 14,811 reach, 1,334 clicks, 5,009 engagement (likes, comments, shares), and 2,635 views from just a one-week festival!

All our attendees walked away with door gifts of 1 SunBar® and 1 sachet of Fortune Delight®. They also won their favorite Sunrider® products as a lucky draw together, whereas the grand prize was a Philips Air Purifier.

Watch the Healthy Living Festival compilation video HERE