Exclusive VIP PC Party (June 2021)

Date: June 12, 2021
Event Platform: Zoom

With a successful Exclusive VIP PC Party held on 8 May, we organized our second PC Party on 12 June where the focus is on 1 Home 1 Fortune Delight®. 

We had the Top IBOs who invited the most attendees, Liew Ooi Khuan, Loi Heng Kong, Peh Mee Yoke and Tay Beng Ha express their appreciation to their customers’ loyalty and for attending the PC Party.

Preferred Customers Loyalty Program May achievers and upcoming trackers were also announced after we briefed on the Preferred Customers’ perks.

After that, we had our main highlight, which was a Fortune Delight® Stay-at-Home Recipes conducted by Hero Liew Ooi Khuan. She shared simple tips to drink the different flavors of Fortune Delight® Lemon, Original and Peach when making hot or cold beverages.
She also told stories about her customers’ testimonials and how she brought Fortune Delight® Peach everywhere we went because when she opens the sachet, the surrounding people will wonder what the fragrant smell is.

This becomes a conversation starter for her. She ended the session by showing how she did a Peach Pudding with Fortune Delight® Peach. Then, we had an enjoyable game session whereby the winners walked away with a can of Sunny Days®. They were Peh Mee Yoke, Sim Boon Lai, Pua Boon Kiat, Yam Pek Yun, Emily Wong, Tan Siew Beng, Tan Chin Huat and Regina Siew Sheau Mei.

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