Exclusive VIP PC Party (July 2021)

Date: July 10, 2021
Event Platform: Zoom

Our first Gua Sha Techniques Workshop was held in our monthly Exclusive PC Party on 10 July with the highest attendance ever of 140 participants!

The participants were so excited that some of them came as early as 9.00 am! The event started with IBOs Hero Royal Lian Chu Ling
and Ace Royal Low Voon Jen appreciating their customers for coming to the event as well thanking the Preferred Customers for their loyal
and constant support all these years.

Preferred Customers Loyalty Program June 2021 achievers and upcoming trackers were also announced after we briefed on the Preferred
Customers’ perks. Then, there was a completely practical workshop on how to do Gua Sha Massage, using Sunbreeze® Essential Oil and Kandesn® Spa Massage Oil from our fingers till our arms. There were additional tips given on how to do Gua Sha on the neck and also on the correct sleeping posture.

The participants were very attentive and fully focused on the class. After that, we did a pre-launch of Dapur Showdown, the first Sunrider® Malaysia Cooking Contest that will be launching the following week. During the Game Session, we had 6 winners who won a Kandesn® Hand Cleansing Gel by sharing their testimonials on why they love Sunrider® or Sunbreeze® Essential Oil. They were Sally 
Lam, Shirley Chong, Saffron Yau, Koh Gek Sim, Siut Wai Ling and Chong Su Foon.

See you in the next Exclusive PC Party on 21 August which will feature cooking shows!

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