2021 Virtual Global Convention: Giving Wednesday

Giving Wednesday: Love, Share, Give!

In harmony with the Sunrider spirit of Love, Share, Give, the Wednesday of the convention will be devoted to events and activities that support charitable causes.

Giving Date: Now till August 3, 2021

Posting Date: August 4, 2021

Participation Qualification: For Sunrider Malaysia IBOs ONLY
Note: Participating IBOs are required to perform good deeds by themselves.

Event Flow:

  1. Identify and choose one (1) or more than one (1) preferred charitable beneficiary. 
    You may refer to our suggested list, CLICK BELOW TEXT TO DOWNLOAD:
    Giving Wednesday – Suggested Organization List

  2. Choose to sponsor them with meals or essential items or both, you may choose to send with:
    • Option 1: food delivery
    • Option 2: in-person delivery (if allowed)
    • Option 3: online groceries delivery

  3. Contact the person in charge of the beneficiary for coordination.
  4. After completion, post at least one (1) Giving Wednesday post with hashtag #MyGivingWednesday on your social media platform(s) on August 4, 2021, suggested post content could be:
    • A thank-you note from the beneficiary
    • The proof of giving in photo(s) format
    • The proof of giving in video(s) format