2021 Sunrider Virtual Global Convention

2021 Sunrider Virtual Global Convention

Event Period: August 2—7, 2021

Registration Period: July 01-July 31, 2021

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We are so excited to invite you to our 2021 Virtual Global Convention! Throughout the ups and downs of 2020, we have found that our ability to CONNECT online has been powerful, and we have so much to share during this amazing virtual event.

I hope you are ready to engage, learn, be inspired, and connect like never before. We’ve arranged dynamic new trainings and keynotes from speakers all over the world.

With our mix of live and pre-recorded segments, you’ll be able to engage with your team, recognize their achievements, and see other global teams’ tips for a successful Sunrider business. Be inspired by the industry’s most influential keynote speakers, get social media savvy, and be the first to learn how to connect with your team and new prospects instantly.

Registration is only RM254 this year, and RM129 of every ticket purchased will be shared with three amazing global charities, so that we can truly show the Love, Share, Give spirit of Sunrider. So please join us in giving back and paying it forward to those in need. Be part of a global conversation that will shape the course of Sunrider and quite possibly elevate the trajectory of your life.

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We can’t wait to see you there!

All the Best,
Sunny Beutler

Fitness Friday: Get Ready For An Inspiring Workout Day!

Sunrider is all about fitness and holistic health. So get ready for a full day of amazing workouts suited for all ages and fitness levels.

Shape up and team up with Sunriders around the WORLD with this dynamic live-streaming event. All registered attendees can participate in as many sessions as they would like!

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