Path To Leadership Summit (April 2021)

Date: April 8 – 10, 2021
Event Platform: Zoom Cloud Meeting

Our first Path to Leadership Summit consisting of 11 participating countries was successfully held 8-10 April 2021 where more than 250 IBOs qualified for this summit.

The Keynote Speakers who are experts in the fields of customer relationship, networking, and leadership, conducted highly interactive and engaging workshops with the participants. Sunrider® Top Management speakers from different countries also shared strategies to help the IBOs boost their business.

Watch Appreciation Video HERE

Grant Bosnick (Leadership Enabler, Franklin Covey) on
Secrets of Retention: Winning Customer Loyalty, 7 Habits of Outstanding Customer Service

He spoke on the 7 Habits of Outstanding Customer Service based on the foundations of 7 Steps of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Some precious gems shared were:

  • The only way to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is to take off your shoes first.
  • Treating your customers like your family members will delight them.
  • Emphatic Listening (putting yourself in their shoes) vs Listening to Reply (means formulating answers while listening).
  • Matching the customer’s volume and speed.

Chinkee Tan (Bestselling Author & Financial Expert) on
Networker’s Toolbox: A Simple Guide for Goal-Getting and Solving Your Team’s Most Difficult Problems

Since Chinkee started his career as a salesman at age 12, he spent many years in the MLM industry. He shared with us the secrets to his success. Important tips shared:

  • Influence is important in leadership. You cannot give what you don’t have, you cannot teach what you cannot do. Hence, it is very important to level up to become a leader.
  • Be destiny-driven so that it gives purpose and meaning to life.
  • Have an inspiring and uplifting destiny.
  • Focus on the process, not only the result.
  • Have a system for the process.
  • Be behavior-driven.

Francis Kong (Multi-Award Wining and Respected Business Speaker) on
Gear Up, Power Up: Succeeding in the New Reality

Francis shared the seven principles of Successful Entrepreneurs to succeed in our new reality. Some key learning points from him are:

  • Constant improvement is not an option. It is a requirement for success.
  • The smallest step towards your goals can lead to your greatest breakthroughs.
  • Be willing to improve and invest to realize success.
  • If you treat the business like a hobby, you’ll only get a small change.
  • If you are not networking today, you are not working!
  • Focus on the solution rather than the problem.
  • Be excited, be on fire; and surprise yourself with what you can do and can become!

Other international sharings where we learnt effective strategies from the other Sunrider ® markets to
ace our Sunrider® business are:

  • Message from Group CEO, Sunny Beutler, Sunrider® International
  • Effective Sharing of Sunrider® Opportunity, Zoe Badariah, National Business Development Manager, Sunrider® Malaysia
  • Power of Duplication: Keys to Successful Duplication by Karen Cornejo, Executive Regional Director, SEA/SA/ANZ/HK-TW
  • Message from Board of Director, Dr. Reuben Chen, Sunrider® International
  • The Power to Inspire & Influence by Angela Lau, Regional Director, Hong Kong -Taiwan
  • Start Your Sunrider Business Guide by Libby Cenizal, Regional Sales Manager, SEA/SA/ANZ/HK-TW
  • Empowering Yourself & Your Team by Frank Chang, Training Manager, Taiwan
  • Closing Remarks by Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Founder, Sunrider® International

Congratulations to the Top Achievers from Sunrider Malaysia! We are truly thrilled with your accomplishment and proud of you! Continue moving forward and spread your life’s passion to others! Recognition of Top 5 from March 2020 to February 2021!