Love Share Grow Rally & Festival (March 2021)

Date: March 20, 2021
Event Platform: Facebook Live @ Sunrider Malaysia Facebook Fan Page

Love Share Grow Rally started with Chief of Global Manufacturing, Eric Chen speaking about the Science & Technology behind Sunrider® Products. He spoke about how Sunrider formulates their products, Sunrider manufacturing facilities, IFANCA certification, and gave updates on the current Dallas manufacturing plant.

Next, Hero Pua Boon Kiat shared about Building & Earning a High Stable Income with Sunrider®. He introduced the attraction points of a Sunrider® business such as high-quality products and the stability of the company. He also shared how one can gain customer loyalty while building a strong customer base. The rally ended with a recognition session led by Country Manager James Yeoh, for the Let’s Connect Challenge Round 1 Achievers (February 2021), Path to Leadership Summit achievers, New Rank Up, and also the February Top 20 Performance Recognition Board achievers.

The rally was held with a marked difference compared to the previous rally through the Love Share Grow Festival. It was designed to showcase how Sunrider® offers many types of lifestyle-related angles to run the business. Star Elite Tay Wee Nee shared on Healthy Bento Making. She showed easy and creative bento recipes to make healthy sushi and bento with NuPlus® Simply Herbs. This was followed by a relaxing Zen Time! by Ace Tan Yin May. She shared on body massage techniques with the use of Sunrider’s SunBreeze® Essential Oil. During the Beauty Spa Party, Retail Shop Staff, Leanee Ajis showed some face massage techniques using our Dr Chen® Youth Emulsion and Dr Chen® Youth Masque.

The highlight of the festival was when Founder & Peak Performance Coach, Official Member of Forbes Coaches Council, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Quotient Coach, Karfei, shared about the Influence for Impact – How to influence and persuade people without hard selling or being aggressive? He shared about the 3Cs: Compliment, Curiosity, and Commonality, which would help to build instant rapport with people so that they would willingly want to listen.

IBO Yuki Chai ended the festival with her highly energetic Shake & Tea Party. She shared three creative recipes for Fortune Delight® including mocktails and fruit salad. She also shared about how the Sunrider® income has enabled her to achieve financial independence. It gave her personal satisfaction as a housewife when she was able to treat her family to dinner with her Sunrider® income. 

Love Share Grow Rally: Replay Live HERE

Love Share Grow Festival: Replay Live HERE