Healthy Living Festival (July 2021)

Every year, we aim to showcase healthy living discussions, fitness sessions, and business opportunity talks that are highly beneficial for those who are looking to kick-start their wellness journey or gain new healthy lifestyle tips. Besides those efforts, this July, we have also invited speakers and instructors all over the region such as doctors, nutritionists, wellness coaches and advocates, fitness instructors, and more, to present you with the best Healthy Living Festival experience that you deserve!

Here are the sessions you can look forward to during Healthy Living Festival 2021.

In a blink of an eye, Healthy Living Festival is just around the corner and is coming your way on July 12-16, 2021!

Get set to experience an extensive showcase of online wellness and fitness classes with our lineup of resource speakers and certified trainers from around the Asia Pacific.

Five exciting days of workout sessions and health webinars await us from July 12 to 16!

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Here’s What You Can Expect on this Year’s Healthy Living Festival:

Morning Yoga Stretch & Mindful Breathing –
Experience calmness and inner peace for enhanced physical and mental health. Dive into a yoga workout session with Grace Kiong as she demonstrates stretching exercises and deep breathing techniques.
Pump Up the Jam: 90’s Dance Cardio –
Shake up your fitness routine by joining this Dance Cardio! Complete with nostalgic 90’s pop music, this fitness class can be your intense workout to help you burn major calories and build muscles.
Cardio Fat Burn Workout –
Burn stubborn fat and calories with this Cardio Fat Burn Workout! Shindo Tran will show you how easy it is to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, from the comfort of your own home.
Nakasimo Exercise –
Nakasimo Gymnastics is a combination of breathing exercises, practical movements, education, and motivation to restore physical and spiritual fitness. Start your day with this fun yet beneficial exercise!
Thai Dance Workout –
Dance your troubles away! Get your heart pumping and body grooving to a unique routine combining Thai dance and Aerobics for a fresh and fun start to your morning.
Enhance the Body’s Natural Defenses Through Self-Healing –
A strong immune system is crucial to fighting against any disease. Join Kay, a registered pharmacist, as she shares her vast knowledge on the immune system and how you can enhance it naturally.
Application of the Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 21st Century –
For centuries, people have used herbal remedies and the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a holistic approach to preventing diseases and promoting general wellness. Learn from Dr. Candy, a Physician in functional and integrative medicine, as she shares various applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 21st century.
Ask the Doctor: Using TCM to Maintain Your Daily Wellness Amidst the Pandemic –
With the drastic reduction in social interactions and outdoor activities due to the pandemic, keeping yourself healthy at home during this period may seem difficult. Pick up some tips and tricks from the expert on how you can achieve daily wellness using TCM while keeping safe at home.
Mental Recovery After the Pandemic –
The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected our daily routine and as a result, created a lot of stress. Learn from Anders as he shares the power of positive thinking to control your mind when facing difficult situations.
Stress: How it Affects Health and Hormones –
Stress can prevent the growth of new nerve cells in the brain, negatively affecting one’s cognitive and emotional functions. Find out from Fini Nurfini how you can better manage stress for a healthy and productive life.
Emotional Wellness for Optimal Health –
Emotional health is an important part of overall wellness. People who are emotionally well are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Find out from Cierra how you can improve and maintain your emotional well-being for optimal health.
Tea Talks: Developing Resilience to Deal with Burnout and Stress –
As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, we have had to deal with stress from work and home caused by the prolonged effects of the pandemic. Kathi, a positive psychologist, reveals how to cope with burnout and chronic stress for a happier and more productive life.
East Meets West: The Philosophy Behind Sunrider –
Learn about how Sunrider combines both Eastern and Western philosophies to create unique, natural herbal products and the Sunrider opportunity. Raman, a wellness advocate, shares what makes Sunrider stand apart from others in the health and wellness industry.
Turning Your Passion for Wellness into a Home-Based Business –
The use of Chinese medicine and herbal products for wellness is gaining popularity in today’s world, creating a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs. Learn how you can leverage this trend to build a sustainable income for your family.
Socialpreneurship – Get What You Want by Helping Others Achieve Better Health and Wealth –
Help enough people get what they want, and you will get everything that you want. You will learn how to use this philosophy to identify the right opportunities in today’s fast-paced world and create the life you deserve, in this session.
Starting Your Own Wellness Business Without Boundaries –
A fulfilling career should be more than just the regular 9-5 job. Join us for this session as we explore how you can thrive in a world where traditional boundaries no longer exist, through building your own wellness business.
Start Your Wellness Journey with Sunrider –
In this workshop, you will find out how Sunrider harmonizes 5,000 years of herbal science with cutting-edge technology to bring you the world’s best organic supplement products. Discover how you can leverage Sunrider’s expertise to bring holistic wellness into your lives.

Healthy Lunch Prep Tips for the Health Conscious –
Discover healthy lunch options and how to power them up with herbs. In this workshop, Justin shows how you can easily prepare these meals.

A Dietician’s Guide to Practicing Healthy Eating Habits –
You are what you eat. What you choose to eat will determine your overall health. In this workshop conducted by nutritionist and dietician, R. Lalrinkimi, discover healthy eating habits that you should adopt for a balanced diet.

A Nutritionist’s Guide to Being at Your Optimum Condition at Any Age –
Wondering how you can be at your physical best at your current age through proper nutrition? Learn from Dr Cathy, a certified nutritionist, how Sunfit 321 can be a great way to shed extra pounds, help you live a healthier life, and bring your mind, body, and spirit into balance.

Fit & Smart: How to Lose Weight & Actually Maintain It –
When it comes to weight loss, quick-fix solutions are often difficult to sustain. Find out from Teresy, a wellness advocate, on how you can achieve your ideal weight and maintain it on a long-term basis.
Ask the Doctor: Nutritional Therapy for Obesity –
Obesity is associated with one of the leading causes of many major diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers. Learn from Doctor Dang Ngoc Hung on how you can have a balanced nutritional diet while maintaining a healthy weight.

Do’s & Don’ts for Children’s Healthy Growth & Development –
As a parent, we all desire for our children to grow up healthy and happy. Jolene, a specialist in childhood nutrition, will be imparting some essential tips to raising a happy and healthy child, as well as share parenting dos & don’ts in a children’s formative years.

Fountain of Youth: How to Look in Your 20s Even When Your 50 –
Though already in her fifties, Hsieh Yin-Ju looks like she is in her 20s. Learn the secrets to her youthful looks and how she maintains her waistline with the use of herb-based products and simple exercises during this session.