Sunrider Malaysia Country Summit 2020 (December 2020)

Country Summit 2020 – Rise Above the Horizon, the first-ever Sunrider Malaysia Country Summit was held in
December 2020. Country Summit was created as a place for harmony and communication, as well as to promote Sunrider’s strengths both internally and externally. This year’s Country Summit recognized our leaders’ perseverance and celebrated Sunrider’s incredible growth.

During the sessions, James Yeoh, Country Manager of Sunrider Malaysia shared an inspiring year-end speech,
business leaders shared their expertise with each other, our guest speaker taught us how to best present
ourselves, we announced the Summit Performance Awards for our top performers in 2020, we launched our
new kids product line, and had a special guest appearance from our founders!

Here are some of the top highlights from the session:

“The Secret of Success” by Icon, Mr. Ng Hock Cheng revealed the secrets of his success. Being one of the senior
courtiers of Sunrider Malaysia, his inspiring stories of Sunrider have inspired those who are seeking to reach the
peak of Sunrider leadership.

The “Upselling Tips” talk by Hero, Mr. Pua Boon Kiat steered us on mastering top sales strategy and tips to
improve sales revenue tremendously. We learned what, where, when, and how you can acquire customers and
convert them into profitable sales.

Our guest speaker, Ana Cheong further incited the topic of “A Million Dollar You ”, she is a popular coach of
Image Mastery and Transformation for Entrepreneurs. The attendees were introduced to the principles of inner
essence and outer presence to create successful branding, habits, and opportunities.

There were approximately 190 participants in attendance throughout the entire session, another incredible record in
Sunrider Malaysia’s history. Country Summit 2021 will be yet another year breaking moment in Sunrider history!