Radio Party (January 2021)

Having done so many firsts way back in 2020, we have kick-started the new year of 2021 with our first-ever radio party on Jan 16, 2021.

The idea of was formed because during the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns were imposed, hence outdoor festivals and gatherings are off-limits. However, we wanted our Malaysian community to still get the chance to bond with each other, basically connect and party together!

Our Sunrider DJs rocked the show! Our participants had so much fun partying and dancing throughout the entire session. The “Say it With Music” contest had 72 song dedications overflowing our inbox whereby Independent Business Owners dedicated songs to their loved ones, customers, uplines, and downlines as a form of appreciation!

We also had the recent “Your Voice Matters” testimonial sharing by Zahara Osman and Ace Royal Saffron Yau Fah Seng on their favourite Sunrider® products and how their health and wellbeing improved with Sunrider.

The radio party also went on with recognition by Country Manager James Yeoh for our November and December 2020 New Rank Up and also Top 20 Personal Sales, Top 20 Sponsors, and Top 20 Most Improved Downline Volume achievers. The Personal Sales Reward Campaign recognition was followed by three remarkable sharing sessions on the secrets of their achievement, by Ace Wong Chee Chiew, Star Prime Angela Phoon, and Star Elite Tay Wee Nee. The event culminated with a powerful Mindset Setting for the New Year by National Business Development Manager, Zoe Badariah.

See you in our next Radio Party!
Let’s party and share our love for music and Sunrider!