Sunny Beutler Named CEO of Sunrider International

Torrance, CA, February 16, 2021—Sunrider International, headquartered in Torrance, California, recently appointed Sunny Beutler as its new Chief Executive Officer. Beutler, the daughter of Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen, brings more than fifteen years of executive-level experience with Sunrider. She has overseen the operations of Sunrider offices throughout Asia and Europe and held executive positions for the company’s Sunworld Dynasty™ Hotel group and more. All five of Drs. Chen’s adult children hold senior executive positions within the multi-generational family-owned company, either directly at the corporate headquarters or on the Board of Directors.

“I’m humbled and honored to accept the CEO leadership position at the company my parents worked so hard to build. Our future is bright and full of opportunities! We are looking forward to continuing to share our transformative products and business opportunity with the world,” said Beutler.

In her new role, Beutler will be responsible for spearheading the company’s business development strategy and overseeing global operations. One of her main goals is to focus on the needs of Sunrider’s global network of Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and Authorized Business Owners (ABOs), equipping them with enhanced tools, technology, and training to better build and maintain their businesses. Her “macro mission” is to strengthen Sunrider’s position as a world leader in health, wellness, and opportunity.

“I’m so proud of how far we’ve come after starting Sunrider over 38 years ago. Now that we are close to 40 years of Sunrider, I am so blessed and happy to see my own second generation take the lead of this business. It was a dream before, and now it’s real. All five of our children have important roles, Sunny is CEO, Wendy Teng, Reuben Chen, and Jonathan Chen hold Board of Directors positions, and Eric Chen is Chief of Global Manufacturing. We know that our family will help modernize Sunrider and help it succeed for many years to come,” said Dr. Oi-Lin Chen.